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I joined AHI 2 years back as a Management Trainee. The hospital has since last 2years has given me a lot of scope to learn. Even I being a junior staff the management never hesitated in giving me responsibilities higher than my capability.The hospital is huge and one of the best-maintained places in the country. Starting from Parking to the patient areas everything is very well maintained.The mediclaim and other medical facilities are also very useful. Any ailment even a small cough or cold immediate attention is given by our loving doctors.All staff are very cooperative and work as a team. The top-level management is easily accessible and you feel at ease communicating your woes to them.The HR dept is also very much employee friendly. My journey in AHI has till date been a complete package where I have discovered a new me with even more confidence and knowledge.

At AHI you get to learn and innovate many ideas related to your department, no politics, you are your own boss. The staff at AHI right from top to bottom helps you and guides you in all respects. The infrastructure at AHI is really appreciable, it is very spacious.

I like working at Asian Heart Institute for many reasons. The most important reason is I believe we provide excellent patient care. The staff is encouraged to provide quality care at all times while always remembering our mission and vision for success. I always feel encouraged in my work. I find my work challenging and rewarding and am truly proud when I drive on the freeway.

Hi Readers! I am working in Asian Heart Institute & Research center since last 1 and a Half year. I joined this Hospital as a "Medical Records Department Manager". Working for Asian Heart Institute & with Dr. Ramakanta Panda(Chief Consulting Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon & VCMD) is just like a Midas Touch for my Career and Skills. Within a 1 year, Dr. Panda Sir, evaluate my skills and recommend me for being in the team of "Quality Auditor for NABH / JCI and ISO", also I handle the additional responsibility of "Organ Transplant Coordinator", with continuous support and guidance of Doctors like Dr. Vijay Dsilva Sir(Medical Director and Chief Intensivist), Dr. Bhavesh Vora sir, Dr. Santosh Kumar Dora Sir, Dr. Nilesh Gautam sir, Dr. Vanzara Sir, which results in that we have successfully done 2 Cadaver Heart transplants in our Hospital. Working in Asian Heart Institute is like daily learning sessions for me, Every day I explore new things about medical industry, Good balance between work life and personal life Asian Heart gives some fantastic and loving friends and lots of memorable moments to rejoice my life.
-Prashant Jadhav

My father was 59 years of age. We live outside India and were recommended to go to Asian Heart by some people who talked highly of their surgery success rate. My father had CHF(Congestive Heart Failure). When we approached Panda he advised that the surgery could be done. They just had to hospitalize my dad so he would stabilize and then they could do the bypass. My question to them was why they needed to stabilize him when he was ok. The answer(which I found out later) was that the hospital has a guaranteed success ratio for patients. And because my dad's case was slightly complicated, they didn't want to'take a chance' for failure. So what did they do? They let him die in the ICU for 5 weeks. It was pre-planned by them to'ignore' his symptoms and let him die just so that the'Great Panda' lives up to his success rate! Dr. Dora and Dr. D'Sylva were handling my dad's case and running after them I felt like a dog running after my dad's life. They were barely there and had such a ridiculous ego when they were approached by me. They had this stupid'counseling session' for ICU patients where the junior doctors would give us very flimsy stories. Besides this, we had no way of communicating with the doctors. So yes, to get it straight: Your father is dying but you have a 5 minute session each day to tell you bullshit stories! On the very last day when my father was actually almost gone and his heart was packing up, he complained of a deep cough. When I complained to them, they said it's probably a cough and we shall do blood tests that will come in two days to see what it was. However, when I simply googled the symptoms given my dad's condition, the truth was the deep cough was a big warning sign because his lungs were filled with water. So yes, Panda and his team murdered my dad. And now I'm going to get them! I will sue them. If you want your patient to be part of this success rate saga, go ahead take them to the butchers Panda& Co.

Nowadays it is very risky to think of getting hospitalised. Not just unsafe treatments and surgeries are performed, but there is a challenge of huge expenses as well. In addition to this, bad behaviour and delays in treatment may risk our life as well. I already experienced worse situations in most of the so-called hospitals in the city. However, my friend recommended me Asian Heart Institute for not just regular checkups but for major surgeries and treatments too. Hesitatingly I once took my father who had mild heart attack to the hospital. Well, I was impressed by them in the very first meet as they took special care of my father. The doctor explained us every detail about the condition and the follow up treatments. Also, their payment procedure and appointment system was easy to approach. I thank my friend and also the hospital, now my father is getting back to his normal state.

This is a one of the best place to work in healthcare industry as here they hire staff which are freshers and groom them and nurture them to be competitive in industry . The exposure the staff gets to realistic situations is amazing . There is interdeparmental co-ordination and the staff has a platform whereby they can showcase their talent irrespective of the designation.

I working here last 9 years in CSSD department, I joined as trainee now I am leading the department. AHI gives the training on personality development. its Highly accredited hospital in India, and best cardiac hospital in India so we proud to be Asianite.


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