Do you know a child,
below 12 years of age,
who needs cardiac surgery,
and cannot afford it?

Time to do something about it.

We will evaluate every response, and ask for your echo cardiogram, chest x-ray, birth certificate and other tests. If shortlisted, we will operate on the child free of cost.

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The department of Laboratory Medicine is a round the clock facility with state of the art equipment.

Biochemistry section has a fully automated, discrete, computerized Hitachi 902, random acres analyzer with a throughput of 200 Tests / hour.

The laboratory has the facility to perform Arterial Blood Gas estimation with electrolyte estimation on stat basis with the IL 1610 and IL 1650 and ILYTE, ABG and electrolyte analyzer.

The Blood Bank provides whole blood and various components like: Packed Cells, Saline Washed Packed Cells, Fresh Frozen Plasma, Platelet Concentrate, Cryoprecipitate and Cryo-poor Plasma.

Platelet pharesis with donor screening is also carried out on the MCS+.

The Blood Bank has a Component Preparation Laboratory with equipment like the Cryofuge 5500i from Heraeus. There is a deep freezer from Heraeus and platelet agitator and incubator from Terumo Penpol for storage of components.

The department caters to out patients as well as in patients. Well-trained staff provide round the clock service.

The instruments are interfaced with the Hospital Information Management System.

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