Do you know a child,
below 12 years of age,
who needs cardiac surgery,
and cannot afford it?

Time to do something about it.

We will evaluate every response, and ask for your echo cardiogram, chest x-ray, birth certificate and other tests. If shortlisted, we will operate on the child free of cost.

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When can I drive on my own?
Can I travel by car?
Should I speak less?
Will eating curd or watermelon affect the stitches and slow down the healing of the breast bone?
When can I start climbing the staircase?
When can I go back to work?
What about the older blockages in the arteries, will they remain?
What is the chance of getting blockages again in the new grafting arteries?
After my surgery, why do I still feel pain in my chest?
What are the restrictions after CABG?

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